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Down the hatch …

My cats are pretty good mousers which I normally think is excellent, today not so much. I knew he had one cornered and he normally eats them. What made today different is he had in fact just eaten breakfast so wasn’t super hungry. I heard quite a bit of ruckus coming from the kitchen followed by the patter of feet’s running towards the living room. Now if I was more awake I would have realized what was coming I however just sat here like a statue. Snugs (the cat) in an effort not to loose his prize was making a b-line for the living room. Our living room is fenced off for the baby so the dogs don’t run her over. Snuggle pants saw this as an ideal place to play with his very much undead mouse. The cat made it over the fence and I was able to wake up enough before olive our Aussie came flying over the fence after him. Well I thought phew crisis averted until I turned around and to my horror my kid was headed straight for the rodent. I made a dive for the mouse at the same time as my kid. The cat seeing his life flash before his eyes disappeared behind the couch. I am sure that as I snatched that mouse off the floor just moments before my dear sweet child it was relieved thinking it might just be saved. Not so poor creature. This mouse must have had a opossum as a distant cousin because he was quite clearly not as bad off as he made out to be. As soon as I had him he came quite alive which scared the living daylights out of me resulting in me flinging the creature into the dining room. As I saw the mouse flying through the air I realized the it was headed straight for olive. Like a champ this is the one time she catches something that I throw instead of it so gracefully and ladylike having it bounce off her face. Well no amount of me saying leave it or drop it would have saved that critter. As olive puts it possession is 9/10 of the law so she caught it’s hers making her only 10% naughty. Down the hatch that mouse was gone and I’m sure Snugglepants is still behind the couch planning his revenge.

Princess Paws

This post comes from the desk of Olive, she wanted you all to know Gus’s true colors!

Well fall has arrived here in New York very cold (did I mention I come from Georgia) and now it is also raining.  Any good southern girl can appreciate a good mud pile and I am no different.  Thursday it started raining and man did I love splashing in the puddles, but by midday Friday those puddles have turned muddy.  This is Saturday now and the mud puddles are amazing and there is an actual lake forming outside the bathroom window for me to roll in!  I am in love with the rain, mud, and puddles … the border collie however is another matter.  In the morning our dad always lets us out to play while he gets ready for work but when it is raining the stupid Border Collie won’t go outside.  He stands so close to the house (so he doesn’t get wet) and refuses to get his paws wet.  This behavior is not only stupid but creates a huge problem for Gus… he won’t go potty.  When we come back inside Gus makes it about an hour and half before he can’t hold it anymore.  Let me just tell you my mom can yell!  When she walks into the kitchen to find a pile of dog poo she is none to happy especially when there is a lake of pee next to it.  Well of course me being the angel I am I only snicker a little while chewing on my bone.  This has ended in Gus spending some quality time in his crate since mom hates cleaning up pee and poo from dogs who are to delicate to get there paws wet.  Now you might be thinking poor Gus but really he brought this upon himself and an added bonus is that I get to spend more quality time with mom!img_4437

Eat Your Wheaties!

Gus and Olive start sheep camp again today at Cherry Hill Training Center.  When Jeff fed Gus his breakfast I heard him pronounce to Gus “Eat up you, got to perform well today!”  Without even thinking I walked into the room and spoke up for Gus “Dad I don’t perform sheep herding, it’s a way of life.”  After Gus and I straightened out Jeff’s line of thought I realized he didn’t say anything to Olive.  I have decided this means one of two things; 1 Jeff has lost all hope that Olive will be useful for anything but a couch dog. 2 Olive is so amazing that she doesn’t need any encouragement or pep talks.  I can’t wait to see Olive and Gus work after all winter off for Gus and Olive’s first real herding lessons.  I will be sure to give you all an update after camp.

The greatest place on earth…

The first dog I seriously trained was my labrador Sheba who makes a pretty high standard.  Olive however is quickly rising to the occasion by being excellent at everything (I may have a small case of my dog is amazing and does no wrong).  Next to sheep camp Olive is pretty sure puppy class is the greatest place on earth.  Today was our first puppy class together and she did great!  Olive was impressed with me hand feeding her treats and I was impressed with how well Olive did.  We decided to try someplace new this time for puppy class.  We chose See Spot Think in pittsord to go to and loved it.  Olive is in a small class of all female (just by chance) dogs of varying sizes.  I was a little worried about Olive with the little dogs but she was great and treated them carefully just like her rabbits.  The trainer Cindy Harrison was wonderful she explained everything to everyone as we were doing it as well as explaining why we were doing some things.  I look forward to my next class with Olive and would defiantly recommend See Spot Think to anyone in the rochester area.

See Spot Think WebsiteIMG_3227

Swamp Monster

We lovingly call her squish and olive but mostly she is swamp monster. She finds all the dirt outside wallows like a pig in mud holes and eat everything. I am constantly yelling what are you eating most times it sticks and socks.  She is the most amazing little dog and is always happy. Olive is a very bright and seems to know when I’m upset as I suddenly find myself covered in squishy Olive.  


Snowy little bear cub

IMG_3143Our little adorable Australian Shepherd is completely unfazed by the freezing frigid and bitter cold that has arrived today here in upstate New York.  Olive will ask to go outside and then when I’m sure she is freezing to death she will refuse to come inside.  She will frolic and roll in the snow all by herself and it seems like she is having the time of her little puppy life.  When little Olive comes in she is so excited about the cold snow she makes laps in our kitchen ending in ringing the bells to go outside again.  She looks like a little bear cub running amok inside and outside my house.  This little dog makes it utterly impossible to be unhappy about anything.  Olive possesses an unbelievable happiness for life and everything in it good or bad.  I see why all of those studies prove that people with dogs live so much longer and healthier lives.  Animals provide a much needed outlet to simply enjoy life completely.

Best office assistant ever! 

 I spent several hours today with Olive trying to make sense of our filing cabinet. Armed with my label maker, box for burn items, and stuffed Kong toy for Olive we dove in.  Olive as always was an angel and happily chewed while I spread papers all over the basement. Once everything was empty I started labeling. I began with bills we pay monthly followed by other things we need to file.  After I was done I felt so relieved I had conquered the filing cabinet. Jeff and I have been putting this off for years and it’s finished.  The real question will be if Jeff will be able to find anything in my file system?



     When we decided to get another dog, we decided to get a girl since Gus gets along better with girls.  I wanted to get her a special name tag, well really special everything (embroidered towels, collars and special toys) I didn’t go overboard at all.  I found a store on etsy that had the most adorable name tags!  I ordered one for Olive and will be ordering ones for Gus and sheba today as well.  The tag is very well  made with lots of options to customized it.  I had them put her name on the front with my phone number on the back.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for custom pet tags!

One More…


She waltzed into my heart the second I saw her picture, I fell in love with her over pictures and texts.  When she walked towards me, I knew she was made for me. Olive is not just one more dog for us, she has already attached herself to both Jeff and I’s hearts (it took only seconds).  Olive, also know to me as Squish because she is so incredibly fluffy and squishy is an Australian Shepherd.  Gus and Olive hit it off immediately!  gus was trying to play it cool while Olive just wanted to play (which she expressed by continually running into him).  Olive was at first a little leary of Sheba, because when she first went to meet her she got smacked in the face by Sheba’s tail.  Being the brave little girl she is it didn’t phase her for long!  I am quite certain that sheba has agreed to co-run the house with Olive.  Olive had her very own coming home party (with Greek food since her name is Olive) with our family.  She did great through the night and we are so happy with our little girl.  Check out Great Oaks Aussies they have wonderful dogs!