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A Few Misconceptions

img_1844Gus here, I just wanted to clear some things up.  First of all Olive should not be aloud to use the computer no telling what she might say!  Second its very hard to be farm boss and we can’t all be perfect.  I know that Mom thinks that she is farm boss but really my Dad is farm boss but since he has to be at his other job I have to do the job here.  We like to let Mom think that she is farm boss but really someone has to keep an eye on her!  It should be understandable for the tired, hard working Border Collie to have a few accidents in the house.  While I have your attention I would like to address a few other things.  I think that everyone gives that darn Llama to much credit, for all I can tell she just gets in my way bringing the sheep to Mom.  Purdy tells me all the time when we are in the sheep pasture how hard her job is.  She says she has sleepless nights watching the stupid sheep and that the sheep just won’t cooperate with her by sleeping in the shelters where she can guard them easier.  The only thing I agree with Purdy is that sheep are stupid and stubborn.  Overall I am just a hard working tired Border Collie trying to keep this farm together and no one gives me enough credit, they don’t even let me sleep on the bed!

Princess Paws

This post comes from the desk of Olive, she wanted you all to know Gus’s true colors!

Well fall has arrived here in New York very cold (did I mention I come from Georgia) and now it is also raining.  Any good southern girl can appreciate a good mud pile and I am no different.  Thursday it started raining and man did I love splashing in the puddles, but by midday Friday those puddles have turned muddy.  This is Saturday now and the mud puddles are amazing and there is an actual lake forming outside the bathroom window for me to roll in!  I am in love with the rain, mud, and puddles … the border collie however is another matter.  In the morning our dad always lets us out to play while he gets ready for work but when it is raining the stupid Border Collie won’t go outside.  He stands so close to the house (so he doesn’t get wet) and refuses to get his paws wet.  This behavior is not only stupid but creates a huge problem for Gus… he won’t go potty.  When we come back inside Gus makes it about an hour and half before he can’t hold it anymore.  Let me just tell you my mom can yell!  When she walks into the kitchen to find a pile of dog poo she is none to happy especially when there is a lake of pee next to it.  Well of course me being the angel I am I only snicker a little while chewing on my bone.  This has ended in Gus spending some quality time in his crate since mom hates cleaning up pee and poo from dogs who are to delicate to get there paws wet.  Now you might be thinking poor Gus but really he brought this upon himself and an added bonus is that I get to spend more quality time with mom!img_4437

Sadly he has no thumbs…

The most useful farm tool that I have is by far our Border Collie Gus, he proves to be helpful more than I can count.  I know that if the sheep we’re to get out that I wouldn’t have to much trouble getting them back with Gus’s help (Purdy is another story) which is a load off my mind.  This morning when I went down to do morning chores I saw that Jenny one of the brown spotted ewes had become tangled in the electric net fence (it wasn’t on which is probably why she was in it).  Jenny has a very naughty habit of eating grass on the other side of the fence… because that’s where it is greenest of course!  This obviously upsets Purdy deeply, she was standing near Jenny making pitiful cooing noises that her sheep was stuck and she also didn’t have thumbs.  As I was freeing the sheep from the fence (which she didn’t appreciated at all) I thought if only Gus had thumbs he could have done this for me.  This is a picture of Jenny a couple weeks ago eating grass through the field fence, it was at that moment I thought this is going to be a problem.IMG_4151

Swamp Monster

We lovingly call her squish and olive but mostly she is swamp monster. She finds all the dirt outside wallows like a pig in mud holes and eat everything. I am constantly yelling what are you eating most times it sticks and socks.  She is the most amazing little dog and is always happy. Olive is a very bright and seems to know when I’m upset as I suddenly find myself covered in squishy Olive.  


Crinkits Water Bottle Toy

I absolutely love this dog toy!  Crinkits not only satisfy my dogs irrational need to kill water bottles but they are very durable.  Gus has had the same Cricket for about a year and still loves it.  Crinkit also floats which makes it super fun for water loving dogs.   This toy comes in several colors including pink, orange and blue.  This toy also comes pre stuffed with a water bottle meaning its fun chewing time for your pup the second you open the box.  It is made in the USA with materials all sourced from the US.  You can get your dog their Cricket toy here on amazon.  Gus and I can highly recommend this toy!

Best office assistant ever! 

 I spent several hours today with Olive trying to make sense of our filing cabinet. Armed with my label maker, box for burn items, and stuffed Kong toy for Olive we dove in.  Olive as always was an angel and happily chewed while I spread papers all over the basement. Once everything was empty I started labeling. I began with bills we pay monthly followed by other things we need to file.  After I was done I felt so relieved I had conquered the filing cabinet. Jeff and I have been putting this off for years and it’s finished.  The real question will be if Jeff will be able to find anything in my file system?



IMG_3019Let me tell you about mushrooms.  I love mushrooms in my salad, I love mushrooms on a veggie tray.  I really love mushrooms to dip in veggie dip or humus.  You know where I hate mushrooms? My backyard and inside my dogs.  Gus had a run in with mushrooms last fall while my mom was in town.  This led to my mom helping me dose my dog with hydrogen peroxide (my husband calculated the dose for me).  Gus puked and puked and would not come anywhere near us as we were not to be trusted.  Gus must have left some mushrooms in his lair last fall as Olive found one today and ate part of it.  It was like de ja vu except gus was mostly polite taking his treatment.  Olive however decided I was trying to kill her and peroxide ended up everywhere but inside the dog (including my eye).  Once I finally got some inside Olive she proceeded to heave.  Gus now thought Olive had the plague and Olive just wanted to snuggle with Gus.  Thankfully no mushroom pieces came out and everyone came out of both incidents unharmed.  I am by no means a mushroom experts except if you count telling if the grocery mushrooms have gone fishy or not.  We tend to side on the side of caution when it come to mushrooms as many can be quite deadly to not only dogs but humans as well.  If your dog has eaten mushrooms please call your veterinarian immediately (Jeff loves my so and so ate this calls).  It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pets lives.

Fly Fishing  Border Collies

     Jeff went out fly fishing yesterday and decided to take our border collie Gus with him.  In my mind I imagined this beautiful scene of my handsome husband casting his line into the rippling stream as a light snow fell.  Gus our regal border collie laying on the bank patiently waiting for his master to be done fishing.  Well, apparently this is not how Gus’s first fly fishing trip went.  When Jeff came home I asked how he did and how well Gus liked it.  Jeff said that he caught one but lost it before it was landed.  My wonderful husband then proceeded to reenact how well Gus like fly fishing (this was truly entertaining).  Gus is known for his dislike of water which surprised me when Jeff showed me all these pictures of Gus in the stream.
At first Gus thought this was just another adventure with dad thought the woods.  When they got to the stream Gus hung out at the edge of the stream while Jeff got set up.  As Gus was looking around Jeff made his first cast.  This is when the peaceful picture I had in my mind fell apart.  My regal, well bred sheepherding border collie was overcome by the need to chase Jeff’s fly.  Jeff would cast and Gus would proceed to run back and forth chasing the fly.  Although Gus found this to be amazing it brings me back to all the times my dad would tell me “Quit making so much noise you’ll scare all the fish!”.  By this time I’m sure that every trout in a mile radius now knew my husband and Gus were fishing.  When Jeff got to his next fishing location he told Gus his new job would be stay in the truck and guard it with your life.  I don’t know if Gus knew he was being left out of fun fishing time, but he takes every job he has seriously even guarding the truck.