IMG_3019Let me tell you about mushrooms.  I love mushrooms in my salad, I love mushrooms on a veggie tray.  I really love mushrooms to dip in veggie dip or humus.  You know where I hate mushrooms? My backyard and inside my dogs.  Gus had a run in with mushrooms last fall while my mom was in town.  This led to my mom helping me dose my dog with hydrogen peroxide (my husband calculated the dose for me).  Gus puked and puked and would not come anywhere near us as we were not to be trusted.  Gus must have left some mushrooms in his lair last fall as Olive found one today and ate part of it.  It was like de ja vu except gus was mostly polite taking his treatment.  Olive however decided I was trying to kill her and peroxide ended up everywhere but inside the dog (including my eye).  Once I finally got some inside Olive she proceeded to heave.  Gus now thought Olive had the plague and Olive just wanted to snuggle with Gus.  Thankfully no mushroom pieces came out and everyone came out of both incidents unharmed.  I am by no means a mushroom experts except if you count telling if the grocery mushrooms have gone fishy or not.  We tend to side on the side of caution when it come to mushrooms as many can be quite deadly to not only dogs but humans as well.  If your dog has eaten mushrooms please call your veterinarian immediately (Jeff loves my so and so ate this calls).  It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pets lives.

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