I Feel As Though….

Every year groPicturewing up my father and brother would leave to go hunting while I would stay home with s a local channel so she will have to suffer without an Anne marathon in Oklahoma.  It was about three movies in when my husband turns to me and says “This is profoundly insightful as to why you are the way you are”.  About ten minutes later he fell asleep.   I am going to hope that his insight was in fact a delightful one.  Im sitting here typing this while Anne’s dory is sinking and in order not to drown she climbs onto the bridge piling (I should mention to anyone who has not read the books she was playing dead in the boat).  Anyone who know me knows I tend to start stories actually any sentence with as though, so… and well…and tends to end epically.  So… when my husband asked “Is this where you learned to say as though?” it brought back wonderful childhood memories.my mom.  My mom and I of course would make the best use of our time by….binge watching all the Anne of Green Gables movies.  We would camp out in the living room and watch movies and eat all kinds of snacks!  Then when it would get dark we would turn the tv around and watch from the hot tub in the sunroom while watching the snow fall outside in the dark.  This brings me to yesterday when I came home to discover the Anne of Green Gables marathon had only just started 10 minutes before!  I learned a shocking truth that my husband has never in fact seen these movies!  Now this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, not only have I found a movie my husband has not seen but it is in fact on television right now.  My mother was of course immediately alerted that our favorite show was on.  Alas it was not on her local channels and she was unable to watch it with me.   

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