The struggle is real…

     I finally convinced my husband last year that we were in fact going to get a border collie.  Well,,, neither of us had owned a purebred border collie before.  We had a border collie mix but he seemed to lean more towards to lab side.  I remember growing up watching my Papa’s herding dogs work the cows. I thought  that it was so amazing that such a small creature (in comparison to the cow) could move so many cows.  It made me think, if this little border collie can strike fear in the hearts of these cows, then what can I do?  This brings me back to our own border collie.  He just turned a year this past June and neither of us can image a life without Gus.  Gus came into our home and from the get go he filled the house with his presence and love.  We did soon discover that border collies are in fact uniquely different that all other dogs….one day they may rule the world.  I learned very quickly that Gus never stops and that specifically, he is learning ,,,always.  He proved to be far smarter than even I had guessed.  We started Gus on sheep early and he proved to know instinctively that this was what he was made for.  Another difference between the sweet loving labrador in our house and the border collie is the level of affection.  Sheba our lab is so wonderful but mostly stays to herself and only seeks attention when it is offered.  Gus on the other hand is always with you and if you happen to stand still for 1 second, that is 1 second Gus thinks that you should be petting him.  Most dogs also snuggle up all nice and lay with you …  Gus does not.  We call it struggling it’s a mix of snuggling and trying not to let the border collie suffocate you hence, struggling.  Gus tends to push his nose right into your face to make it easier for your to kiss him while struggling for air.  Gus has brought a wonderful amount of joy to our life and I can’t imagine a life without a border collie.

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