Master Built Sportsman Elite Smoker


We have had our smoker for about  4 months.  We love our smoker so far and have done 2 turkeys, 2 separated meals of salmon, at least 4 rabbits and some chicken.  The smoker is easy to use and monitor as well as large and spacious for those larger items.  Master Built Smoker made their shelves removable and adjustable so you can easily fit an 18 pound turkey with chicken or a whole rabbit in at one time.  The only complaint is that I find the thermometer on the unit is often inaccurate as well as the drip pan/ water pan being rather small.  This was easily remedied by using a digital thermometer in the back slits that is very accurate.  When I smoke something large like a turkey I put a 9 x 13 pan on the bottom shelve so that I can put more liquid in the pan as well as catch more drippings from the larger turkey.  Overall I would give this smoker 4 out of 5.

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