Home is where the love is…

     Growing up we spent many vacations in Oklahoma with my grandparents.  I would always look forward to certain things, for instance my dad’s mom makes awesome rum cake.  My mom’s mom she always made us spatzle, which all of my cousins loved.   We would joke that we were going to make her a 50 gallon drum to make enough soup for everyone.  This year I am spending New Year’s  with Jeff’s family and volunteered to make spatzle.  I think that homemade food is made all the better by the memories it brings while cooking.  My chicken in currently getting a spa treatment in my stock pot with his friends the onion, carrot, celery, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and black pepper.  My entire house smells like the holidays with my family.
People tend to say “Home is where you’re heart is” well that means that mine is in a lot of pieces.  My heart is with all of my family and not just through the holidays.  Jeff often makes jokes about how food obsessed I am.  Food for me tends to bring back all those wonderful memories of family and all the love we share.

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