One More…


She waltzed into my heart the second I saw her picture, I fell in love with her over pictures and texts.  When she walked towards me, I knew she was made for me. Olive is not just one more dog for us, she has already attached herself to both Jeff and I’s hearts (it took only seconds).  Olive, also know to me as Squish because she is so incredibly fluffy and squishy is an Australian Shepherd.  Gus and Olive hit it off immediately!  gus was trying to play it cool while Olive just wanted to play (which she expressed by continually running into him).  Olive was at first a little leary of Sheba, because when she first went to meet her she got smacked in the face by Sheba’s tail.  Being the brave little girl she is it didn’t phase her for long!  I am quite certain that sheba has agreed to co-run the house with Olive.  Olive had her very own coming home party (with Greek food since her name is Olive) with our family.  She did great through the night and we are so happy with our little girl.  Check out Great Oaks Aussies they have wonderful dogs!

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