You find all kinds of wonderful families in unlikely places.  I was lucky enough to be able to buy a horse about a year and half ago.  I never would have imagined that this horse would lead me to a wonderful family I never knew I could have.  This is my barn family!  Many of us go to the barn for many reasons, including exercise, therapy, stress relief, and companionship.  I go to the barn for all of these reasons.  I can always count of my horse to listen without judging to anything I have to say.  I can let it all out and not hold back and all Ace ever has to say is “Mom that sucks do you have any cookies?”.  I also love that Ace came with unknown blessings.  My barn family is always there to help and support you when you need it.  Last summer I entered Ace and I in our first horse show.  If any of you know how stressful showing horses is you can sympathize with me.  I was a wreck! Ace and I (mostly me) were so stressed out,  one of the barn moms just stepped up and offered to be my barn mom.  She coached me through everything (she was riding in all the same classes that I was) and it was so helpful.  Another family at the barn whose daughter rides Ace for me offered to help me the weekend before with grooming him and getting him show ready.  I felt so blessed to have all these people willing to help me no questions asked or strings attached.  Most of all Im thankful to Theresa she has helped me not only find my relationship with my horse but also find my relationship with myself.  Last winter Ace was still trying to figure out who was in charge in this relationship (as was I) and I really struggled with him.  Theresa was there with me through the freezing cold coaching Ace and I into a working relationship that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Any time that I come to the barn I can count on encouragement and love from those there with me and never worry about what if I can’t.  I know someone will be there with help or encouragement I need.
​     This christmas I noticed my barn mom had posted that her husband was making signs for stalls.  Ace has a sign but it is a little shabby and falling apart.   I wanted him to match the other horses in our barn, so I asked her if her husband could make one for me.  I asked if it was possible to put a clover on it as I bought Ace on St. Patty’s day.  She said no and I agreed that would be fine.  When I showed up at the barn yesterday I opened my closet to find the most amazing sign with a clover and all.  I am so happy that I have Ace and these wonderful people in my life.  I would love to hear about you and your barn families in the comments below!

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