I am in the process of painting all of the trim in our house.  You might think oh that doesn’t sound exciting…well you don’t live in my house!  Painting anything in my house is something you embark upon at your own risk.  Not only will you have 3 dogs and 3 cats “helping” you paint, if you sit on the floor and slide to the next space you will also get splinters.  I’m 3 rooms into painting the trim and so far Olive has maIMG_2997de tracks on the floor in paint (cleaned up well with no evidence), I have several splinters, and Snugglepants ruined a piece of wall I painted in order to impersonate a skunk.  All this happening made me wonder what my life might be like without my “herd”.  I thought to myself for a moment (as Olive is chewing on the table leg) that my life would be quiet and ultimately very lonely.  I love having so much “help” although frustrating at times when Gus is herding the cats with olive in tow I wouldn’t change it for the world.  My little family is amazing they are always good for a good laugh.

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