Chickens are Pigs..

Can’t wait to have my own chickens!!


A bit about Chickens.

I am by no means an authority on chickens, but i will share some what I have learned.
First off, chickens aren’t chickens at all.
They’re pigs…
Chickens will eat absolutely anything!
I always assumed it was the scratching that caused the usual mud pit you see most chickens in..  Its not.  They eat all the plants,  they’re always pecking (eating) something even when there isn’t anything there.

In fact, when I walk by the coop I usually pick a hand full of random weeds and toss them in. The chickens love it and gobble it up within seconds.  As such, they really enjoy it when I walk by and this habit has also made it very easy to deal with when one gets out of the fence.  They follow us like a puppies.  All we need to do is open the gate and toss some…

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