Snowy little bear cub

IMG_3143Our little adorable Australian Shepherd is completely unfazed by the freezing frigid and bitter cold that has arrived today here in upstate New York.  Olive will ask to go outside and then when I’m sure she is freezing to death she will refuse to come inside.  She will frolic and roll in the snow all by herself and it seems like she is having the time of her little puppy life.  When little Olive comes in she is so excited about the cold snow she makes laps in our kitchen ending in ringing the bells to go outside again.  She looks like a little bear cub running amok inside and outside my house.  This little dog makes it utterly impossible to be unhappy about anything.  Olive possesses an unbelievable happiness for life and everything in it good or bad.  I see why all of those studies prove that people with dogs live so much longer and healthier lives.  Animals provide a much needed outlet to simply enjoy life completely.

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