The greatest place on earth…

The first dog I seriously trained was my labrador Sheba who makes a pretty high standard.  Olive however is quickly rising to the occasion by being excellent at everything (I may have a small case of my dog is amazing and does no wrong).  Next to sheep camp Olive is pretty sure puppy class is the greatest place on earth.  Today was our first puppy class together and she did great!  Olive was impressed with me hand feeding her treats and I was impressed with how well Olive did.  We decided to try someplace new this time for puppy class.  We chose See Spot Think in pittsord to go to and loved it.  Olive is in a small class of all female (just by chance) dogs of varying sizes.  I was a little worried about Olive with the little dogs but she was great and treated them carefully just like her rabbits.  The trainer Cindy Harrison was wonderful she explained everything to everyone as we were doing it as well as explaining why we were doing some things.  I look forward to my next class with Olive and would defiantly recommend See Spot Think to anyone in the rochester area.

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