Riding Lawn Mowers

Sitting on my fancy new (well new to me) riding lawn mower in the drive way brought me back to all the fond memories of my childhood.  We had a temperamental lawn mower that  stood up to two kids driving it as well as my mom.  When I called my mom to tell her about my lawn mower we had quite a few laughs about the lawn mower.  My dad lovingly referred to my mother’s lawn mowing skills as a bat out of hell catching air!  When I was very little my mom built my brother and I an amazing swing set… that my mother caught the front of the lawn mower on and tipped it up on its end.  Then when I was old enough to be “trusted” to mow the lawn I ran the lawn mower into a tree dead center.  I couldn’t decide which side of the tree to go on so I just gave up in the end.  All these were great for some good laughs while mowing my tiny lawn at lightning speed tonight.  I think this lawn mower will be great for our farm!

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