Meat Pig

Meat Pig

I went to pick up our pig yesterday, we named her Lola.  She is an Old Spot Yorkshire cross that we plan to grow out for ourselves to eat.  I might not have planned my trip the best since the crate I grabbed didn’t have a door on it so I had to use a bag of shavings to block the entrance.  I also should have taken the truck so that the stinky pig would have been in the back instead of right behind my seat.  I have to say that Lola was not to happy about being snatched from her pigpen and placed in a new pigpen.  She has yet to give me any hope we might be friends as she charges the fence everytime I go out there.  I am sure that she will warm up to us in time but until then I will continue to not get in her pigpen!

4 thoughts on “Meat Pig

  1. Don’t worry about her being skittish right now. Pigs are incredibly smart and as soon as she figures out who’s feeding her/etc….she will warm right up. It takes our pigs about 1 – 2 months to finally allow us to pet them/etc…

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