Feels Like Home To Me

Feels Like Home To Me

Growing up I loved going to visit my family in Oklahoma!  I was most definitely an outdoor kid and loved the time I spent on my grandparents farm.  There was always a certain way that their farmhouse sounded, smelled and felt when I was there.  I moved a lot as a kid and after graduating college I moved back home to Oklahoma.  I will always associate Oklahoma as my home even though I grew up in several states.  Growing up I always knew I would do something with animals for my career and even better If I became a farmer like my Papa Max!  I remember getting to go with him to feed and count cows in the mornings and thinking now this is the life!  Well here I am with my own (smaller) farm here in upstate New York.  Now I’m sure my Papa never imagined and neither did I that I would end up in New York but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I often think to myself how my farmhouse feels like home to me.  This house sounds like my grandparents farmhouse when the screen door slams and the floorboards creak.  The kitchen seems to smell just like my grandma’s kitchen and all these things make me often think of home.  I often think about my Papa and how he would have loved to hear about my farm and all my animals.  He would probably tell me I spoil them to much and therefore will never make any money but I would tell him I may be poor but I sure am happy here.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, Kim….and I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and Jeff. It’s funny, ’cause that was my grandparents’ house, and I have memories of how that kitchen smelled and how the floorboards creaked, too! It’s just really cool how the farm is back to a real FARM. Grandma and Grandpa would be so happy about it. I hope you kiddos have many many happy years there. Happy Holidays!!!

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