Well that’s awful…

I pulled my very first lambs ever last Friday and only the little ram lamb survived. Mom didn’t want the little lamb and he was really struggling so we brought him into the house to feed him as a bottle lamb. Over 24 hours he did great and I was really hopeful for him! When the little buffalo had her lambs Purl the ewe’s lambs I had pulled Friday seemed extremely interested in them so Jeff and I brought the little ram lamb out to see how they did. Surprisingly Purl was so happy to see her lamb and I made sure her milk was still coming out which it was and he nursed really well. I watched Purl and the little lamb on the camera all night and they did so well. Today we brought the little guy in to dock his tail and when we came back out to bring him back to the barn he had died. Jeff my husband who happens to also be a veterinarian believes he had some sort of problem from the beginning and his death was coincidental to doing his tail. I am super bummed that both of Purl’s lambs died but there is nothing I could have done to prevent either death. She does however get herself redeemed as mother of the year for taking her lamb back even though he didn’t live.

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