Bunny Alcatraz


Many of you have read about my rabbits amazing ability to continually escape recently well, no more!  This is the first year that we have done runs inside with litter boxes and there was sure to be a learning curve.  We so far have learned that pete cannot in fact be contained without solid walls and roof.  We learned that if you do not secure the gate the runs that the rabbits will run free.  Most importantly which I cannot believe I did not think of is that baby rabbits are small and fit through the bars.  I have spent all weekend and Monday catching baby rabbits and putting them back in with their mom Dixie.  I decided today that I was done retrieving Dixie’s babies.  My husband and I went to home depot and got plastic  sheeting material.  I cut panels the same size as our playpen runs and zip tied them on 3 sides.  On the fourth side I only put the sheeting on the bottom portion so the heater can still provide heat and old air will get flushed out.  Now I would like you all to imagine the entire time I’m doing this the baby bunnies keep getting out and trying to help.  Pete is also running loose because when I stole dixie’s babies back from him I left his roof open.  Pete took immediate advantage of his open roof and leaped out.  At this point I decided it was best to just build Alcatraz, catch rabbits after.  Well… that was a good plan except the part where Pete keeps steeling my zip ties and baby bunnies are chewing on my pants.  I finally got all the walls up and a roof now I just had to catch everyone.  This weekend I let dixie out to catch her babies but Pete was locked up.  I could not let her out as Pete was still free range at this point, he is very hard to catch and does not come to his name like dixie does.  It took me about thirty minutes to catch everyone and put them in there new prison.  Everyone was very happy about the new housing arrangement … except Pete who remains unimpressed with his enclosure.  At this point baby rabbits are running all over their enclosure while Dixie gives me the “You are really going to leave me in here with these little monsters?” look.  Very proud of my little building project!
Picture Picture


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