Its all about the name!

Its all about the name!

     Its time for you to meet all the members of Cacia Farms.  We name our pets with nice strong good names and yet, that never seems to be what we call them daily.  As our pets grow and their personalities shine they get many nicknames to match their personalities.

    Meet Aengus this is our border collie he comes from Ireland so we spelled his name the Irish way.  We never call him Aengus.  Aengus quickly became Gus he was by far the goofiest little dog ever.  He was always so proud of  all the mud puddles he made in our yard.  We also sometimes called him Goose like a geese he might herd.  While teaching Gus loose leash walking I would often say “Come on Goose” which quickly got shortened to Mongoose.  He loves it when you sing his name Gus Gus Gus over and over needless to say the little dog with the huge personality quickly got many names and, actually answers to all of them.  I personally think that is because he thinks we should only ever talk to him.  Some of his other name include Gustoferson and Gustaf.

     This is Sheba our Labrador who is name for The Queen of Sheba as she is so spoiled.  She will turn 12 in February and has had many names over the years.  Her most recent one came from her song (I believe every pet should have their own theme song).  Sheba became Doopy because she is the Super Duper Labrador, which she truly is.  For a girls first dog I could not have asked for a better dog! 

      Meet Georgia Peach…that turned out to be not so peachy after all.  George was my first cat, I brought her home very young.  She was a barn kitten and was not that socialized when she came home.  I thought having no other cats she would bond with me…she had other ideas.  George claimed my labrador as her own and they quickly became fast friends.  This relationship however led to George’s identity crisis in which she thought she was in fact a dog until we got a second cat.  Although friendly with the labrador she was not so friendly with people.  When I met my husband Jeff he quickly renamed her George Cat … like a bobcat she will eat you.

     This would be Macaroni Jack the Sanfransico treat.   This sweet little orange ball of a maniac was found under a dumpster how could I not bring the little dumpster kitty home.  Macaroni was his shortened name for the first year or so of his life as he was a little orange ball of wild and crazy.  When we moved from Sanfransico to Rochester NY he became a little more dignified and also much larger.  It was at this point we started calling him Jack or Jack Jack.  He is still very much the kitten of the house and never ceases to amaze me the trouble he gets into.  It was also this big orange cat that taught George how to meow instead of trying to bark.

     This little black monster would be Remington.  Anyone who know us well is probably thinking they don’t have a cat called Remington, well we did.  He lasted as Remington for all of maybe 2 months at which point he became overly loving.  He was so loving and snuggly infant he got his own theme song, this is the cat whose pants are made of snuggles.  Remington became snugglepants and now only answers to pants or snugs, yes I have a cat named Pants.  If you find Snugs he is almost always with Jack as they are buddies.

      Our rabbits don’t have quite as interesting names.  Our first pair of Giant chinchillas were Bunny and Clyde.  We now have Sly and Annabelle but they came with those names.  When we added a second doe Jeff named her Dixie and I asked “like the cup?” so she is Dixie like the cup.  Our second buck which I drove all the way to Oklahoma to get we name him Pistol Pete after OSU’s mascot which is where Jeff and I met.

     Lastly the only member of Cacia Farms not to live on site is Ace. He is too big to keep here and he needs his horsey friends.  Ace came with his name, however he got his nickname the first day.  I bought him on St Patrick’s Day of 2014 meaning he had just started shedding his winter fluff.  I had never owned my own horse and didn’t know the enormity of what that meant.  He quickly became know to Jeff and as Fuzz and actually answers to Fuzz.

     This is what I like to call our herd I hope you get a good laugh out of this.  Be sure to go to our Facebook page and enter our cutest nickname contest winner get a 20$ visa gift card.  All you have to do is like our page and share the post.  Post your entries in the comments below the contest post, including a photo of your pet with it original name and nickname.  The link to the left will take you straight there.


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