Sunday Night Date Night

Sunday Night Date Night

     Jeff and I decided to spend today at home together and spend time together.  I got a lot of small things on my list done and Jeff spent some quality time on the couch with Gus.  We decided today would be a great day to get some of the rabbits smoked.  I dumped a bunch of spices into a bowl and made a spice rub.  We used lime olive oil and honey to rub on the rabbits with their spicy rub.  Jeff decided to use apple wood chips, and I made salad and biscuits to go with the rabbit.

Spice rub
1 T Cilantro
2 t Cayenne Pepper

1 T Black Pepper
1 T Salt
1 T Onion Powder
1 T Garlic Powder
1/2 T Ground Cumin
1/2 T Ground Paprika
1/2 T Ground Coriander
1 T Dried Cilantro
1/2 T Chili Powder
1/4 C Honey
1/4 C Olive Oil

Mix honey and oil in bowl.  Mix spices in bowl.  Cover rabbits with honey and oil then rub spices onto the rabbits.

     I used the water that we soaked the chips in to put in the water pan.  I also used a hard cider to add the apple flavor to the rabbit.  When we put the rabbits in the smoker there was leftover spice in the bowl so we dumped that in the water pan as well!
     We cooked the rabbit at about 225 degrees for three hours.  The biscuits I made were from an earlier post (click on the link provided _  ).  We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families.

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