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It was a beautiful day outside Saturday and Jeff took Gus and Olive to work with him.  Sheba spent some time outside laying in the sun, while I finished cleaning the house and opening the windows to air out the house.   I planned a  wonderful day getting some quilting done and when Jeff got home we had a dinner date night.  Spring is almost here I can feel it and I haven’t finished my spring wall hanging!  That is what I planned to get done this weekend.  Sunday we went out to move our rabbits of of the duck enclosure and into another part of the barn.  After the bunnies were moved we got to work Gus on the sheep.  Gus and I worked great as a team even after months of being off.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!IMG_3132

Swamp Monster

We lovingly call her squish and olive but mostly she is swamp monster. She finds all the dirt outside wallows like a pig in mud holes and eat everything. I am constantly yelling what are you eating most times it sticks and socks.  She is the most amazing little dog and is always happy. Olive is a very bright and seems to know when I’m upset as I suddenly find myself covered in squishy Olive.  


Out of Steam

I spent the day shuttling rabbits to our friends barn for her to watch while we sell our house.  Dixie did remain with us since she has a brand new litter.  Olive went with me today to be my copilot, which she did a great job of.  I stopped to get gas and stopped again for food at sonic on the way.  While we were waiting for our food Olive suddenly realized the car was full of rabbits… excellent observation skills!  Once the car was full of fuel and my belly was warm and full we headed out to drop of the rabbits.  After we dropped the rabbits off we headed to the barn to visit and ride Ace.  While on the way we were stopped by a train which Olive found fascinating.  Ace and Olive did well together she licked his nose (which he didn’t much appreciate but didn’t complain) and ace was polite to Olive.  I was brave and rode Ace without lunging him and although he was very spicy and full of himself he was a good boy.  I have made it home and am going to start cleaning the garage.    I hope that you all had an excellent day as well!

Snowy little bear cub

IMG_3143Our little adorable Australian Shepherd is completely unfazed by the freezing frigid and bitter cold that has arrived today here in upstate New York.  Olive will ask to go outside and then when I’m sure she is freezing to death she will refuse to come inside.  She will frolic and roll in the snow all by herself and it seems like she is having the time of her little puppy life.  When little Olive comes in she is so excited about the cold snow she makes laps in our kitchen ending in ringing the bells to go outside again.  She looks like a little bear cub running amok inside and outside my house.  This little dog makes it utterly impossible to be unhappy about anything.  Olive possesses an unbelievable happiness for life and everything in it good or bad.  I see why all of those studies prove that people with dogs live so much longer and healthier lives.  Animals provide a much needed outlet to simply enjoy life completely.

Crinkits Water Bottle Toy

I absolutely love this dog toy!  Crinkits not only satisfy my dogs irrational need to kill water bottles but they are very durable.  Gus has had the same Cricket for about a year and still loves it.  Crinkit also floats which makes it super fun for water loving dogs.   This toy comes in several colors including pink, orange and blue.  This toy also comes pre stuffed with a water bottle meaning its fun chewing time for your pup the second you open the box.  It is made in the USA with materials all sourced from the US.  You can get your dog their Cricket toy here on amazon.  Gus and I can highly recommend this toy!

In a perfect world…

houses-nothern-lights-magical-night-northern-lights-winter-cabin-woods-snow-painting-wallpaper-for-desktopIn a perfect world Jeff and I would be sitting in our great room on our super comfy couch with a roaring fire watching a epic movie.  Our dogs would be splayed out on the hardwood floor in front of the fireplace, with kitties scattered roosting on the beams of our log cabin.  Outside it would be gently snowing those huge beautiful flakes of snow.  Our open kitchen would be filled with the smell of pot roast cooking and apple pie.  Our farm home would be very homey and comfortable.  I would have my office in a room overlooking the barnyard where Ace would be frolicking in the snow.  Gus and Olive would have their flock of wooly sheep that we shear and turn into super comfy blankets each year.  We would have a wonderful Jersey cow to milk and make butter, cream, and cheeses with.  This is a perfect world and one day it will be my world because without dreams you are stuck.  I think that it is very important to have dreams you always work towards as if you do not, you will one day wonder where all the time went.


IMG_3019Let me tell you about mushrooms.  I love mushrooms in my salad, I love mushrooms on a veggie tray.  I really love mushrooms to dip in veggie dip or humus.  You know where I hate mushrooms? My backyard and inside my dogs.  Gus had a run in with mushrooms last fall while my mom was in town.  This led to my mom helping me dose my dog with hydrogen peroxide (my husband calculated the dose for me).  Gus puked and puked and would not come anywhere near us as we were not to be trusted.  Gus must have left some mushrooms in his lair last fall as Olive found one today and ate part of it.  It was like de ja vu except gus was mostly polite taking his treatment.  Olive however decided I was trying to kill her and peroxide ended up everywhere but inside the dog (including my eye).  Once I finally got some inside Olive she proceeded to heave.  Gus now thought Olive had the plague and Olive just wanted to snuggle with Gus.  Thankfully no mushroom pieces came out and everyone came out of both incidents unharmed.  I am by no means a mushroom experts except if you count telling if the grocery mushrooms have gone fishy or not.  We tend to side on the side of caution when it come to mushrooms as many can be quite deadly to not only dogs but humans as well.  If your dog has eaten mushrooms please call your veterinarian immediately (Jeff loves my so and so ate this calls).  It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pets lives.

One More…


She waltzed into my heart the second I saw her picture, I fell in love with her over pictures and texts.  When she walked towards me, I knew she was made for me. Olive is not just one more dog for us, she has already attached herself to both Jeff and I’s hearts (it took only seconds).  Olive, also know to me as Squish because she is so incredibly fluffy and squishy is an Australian Shepherd.  Gus and Olive hit it off immediately!  gus was trying to play it cool while Olive just wanted to play (which she expressed by continually running into him).  Olive was at first a little leary of Sheba, because when she first went to meet her she got smacked in the face by Sheba’s tail.  Being the brave little girl she is it didn’t phase her for long!  I am quite certain that sheba has agreed to co-run the house with Olive.  Olive had her very own coming home party (with Greek food since her name is Olive) with our family.  She did great through the night and we are so happy with our little girl.  Check out Great Oaks Aussies they have wonderful dogs!